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With its magnificent Uludag, geography and it's closeness to city of Istanbul and therefore to the gates of the World...Yesterday Bursa was the capital of the Turkish history, today it is an influence on automotive and textile industry...Bursa is the city where Lima Logistics took its first steps.

While we carry the yesterday's values, we aim to carry your brands and your products in safe and fast to the tomorrows.  Because our job is speed, our job is productivity, our job is innovation...

We are in well aware of, best service is possible only with the fulfilment of needs of our customers. Therefore our prior principle is to put our customers in the center of the business and dynamic service approach.

Lima Logistics provides services of international transportation which established by four experienced founders in the logistics sector. Just like the meaning of our name, "Goddess of the Threshold", we aim to develop a new understanding in the logistics sector.

We create fast, reliable, and economic solutions in the field's primary air, sea and road freight transportation, Express, perishable Cargo, Exhibition and event transportation. We as Lima Logistics, with our skilled and expert personnel, provide air, sea and road freight transportation to locate your products on time and to the desired destinations.                                                 

Lima operates its service in three phases which are "Project, Methods and Operation". After determining customer requirements such as service structure and present situation analysis, Lima proceeds to the stage of Operation.

In order to gain a place in the world market, Lima has several agencies, Bursa and Eskişehir domestically and Romania/Bucharest, England/London as overseas which are ready to be your business partner. 

Cenker URAL

He was born in Çanakkale and graduated from Uludag University faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences majored Public Administration. He worked as Bursa Regional Assistant Manager in Dünya Newspaper and TNT Express Bursa Regional Manager. In 2013, he was the president of BUSIAD (Bursa Industry and Business Association) Innovativeness and Creativeness Expertness group and is still working as a member of this group. He speaks English and he is the founder shareholder of Lima Logistics, married with a son. 

Hamdi Bülbüldere

He was born in 1970 in Bursa. He graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University's MBA program about management. Respectively, he worked at Oyak Renault, Tofas factory production, TNT Express Bursa Regional Operation Manager and Ceva Logistics as Bursa Regional Assistant Manager. He is the founder shareholder of Lima Logistics, married with two kids. 


He was born in 1968 in Istanbul. He graduated from Marmara University Business Management. He accomplished Warwick University Management Development Program in England. Since 1993 he has taken many roles in the logistics sector. He worked at TNT Express as Sales and Marketing Director, Ceva Logistics as National Distribution Director and Fillo Logistics as General Manager. He attended organizations like Besiktas Basketball Association, International Investors Association, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Logistics group. He is the founder shareholder of Lima Logistics and he speaks English. He is married with two kids.

Vedat Çelik

He was born in 1978 in Ankara. He graduated from Uludag University majoring Bussiness Management. He worked at MNG Cargo Branch Management, Turkspeed International Forwarding Sales Management, Galata International Forwarding Sales Management, TNT Express Major Accounts and Fair Operations Management. He is founder shareholder of Lima Logistics. He is married with a daughter.


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